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November 19, 2007
Acute suppression of VLDL(1) secretion rate by insulin is associated with hepatic fat content and insulin resistance. Diabetologia 2007;50:2356-65
Adiels M, Westerbacka J, Soro-Paavonen A et al.

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A very interesting paper that examines the relationship between liver fat content and insulin’s ability to suppress VLDL1 production. The authors concluded that insulin downregulates VLDL1 secretion but increases VLDL2 secretion in participants with a normal liver fat content. However, among patients with increased liver fat content (a condition related to insulin resistance, the metabolic syndrome, and excess visceral fat deposition), insulin could not suppress VLDL1 secretion, resulting in overproduction of VLDL1. The increased liver fat content that is frequently found in patients with insulin resistance and visceral obesity is therefore linked to impaired suppression of VLDL1 secretion by the liver in response to insulin.

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Ectopic Fat