Evaluating CMR

Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes/CVD Risk

Comparison of Screening Tools

Key Points

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  • WHO and EGIR clinical criteria rely mainly on insulin resistance. IDF criteria rely on abdominal obesity, while NCEP-ATP III gives equal weight to each clinical criterion of the metabolic syndrome.
  • The IDF and NCEP-ATP III approaches use the same cut-off values for lipids, fasting glucose, and blood pressure. However, the IDF has proposed ethnic-specific cut-offs for waist circumference. Waist circumference is also a mandatory IDF criterion.
  • A few prospective studies have compared metabolic syndrome criteria in assessing CVD risk. Although most criteria have a similar relationship to CVD risk, NCEP-ATP III criteria seem to have the strongest ties to CVD.
  • Independent of the clinical criteria studied, the metabolic syndrome better predicts type 2 diabetes risk than CVD risk.  
  • Further studies are needed to compare various metabolic syndrome clinical criteria using different statistical models and in all populations of the world.