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May 15, 2009
Lifestyle habits: how to help our patients?
By The International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk [7:48 min.] [27MB]
Dr. Lori Mosca discusses results and key aspects of the FIT Heart Study, a trial looking at healthy family members of patients hospitalized for an acute cardiovascular event. The study found that many family members were unaware of the fact that they had elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. It helped identify individuals who are at risk of cardiovascular events. In a later segment, Dr. Jean-Pierre Després explains the results of the SYNERGIE study, which have shown that normalizing intra-abdominal (visceral) fat with a lifestyle intervention program, as opposed to normalizing body mass index, is the clinically relevant objective to normalize the cardiometabolic risk profile. Dr. Robert Ross and Dr. Luc Van Gaal conclude by reinforcing the notion that drug treatment is not the sole option available to address cardiometabolic risk abnormalities. The modification of lifestyle habits should also be encouraged to increase the success of therapy. They also suggest that the decrease in waist circumference should be the key outcome when evaluating the effectiveness of a treatment strategy.

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Key Words
Abdominal Obesity/Body Fat Distribution, Nutrition, Physical Activity/Exercise