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January 15, 2014
Ideal cardiovascular health: implications for primordial prevention
By The International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk [7:42 min.] [63MB]
Dr. Després and Dr. Libby talk about the percentage of American people who are considered in ideal cardiovascular health. Dr. Després explains the criteria that the AHA experts have identified to define ideal cardiovascular health which include three biological markers and four behavioural markers. Recent studies have shown that only 0.1% of individuals are considered in ideal cardiovascular health. Dr. Libby explains that the American youth does not meet these simple behaviour risk factors. He emphasizes that we must act earlier and promote prevention to avoid paying an enormous price in terms of health and resources. Prevention must become the most fundamental aspect of the fight against the obesity epidemic. Dr. Després raises the fact that there are fewer smokers, but more and more inactive patients with cardiovascular disease related to obesity. Health professionals need to be aware of the criteria defining ideal cardiovascular health and of the importance of assessing and targeting key behaviours. Dr. Libby reminds us of the importance of incorporating physical activity in our strategy to fight obesity, with a special attention to the youth and schools using population approaches, to help promote the importance of lifestyle habits for cardiometabolic health.

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