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March 25, 2014
Prevention of type 2 diabetes: from individual interventions to population-based approaches
By The International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk [12:07 min.] [100MB]
Drs. Edward Horton and Nick Wareham talk about issues related to lifestyle interventions, prevention of diabetes and reduction of cardiovascular risk factors. They also discuss the positive and long-term effects of lifestyle modification focusing on weight reduction, healthy diet and increased physical activity to prevent or delay the development of diabetes in high-risk individuals. Dr. Wareham emphasises that the benefits do not apply only to small groups of people but is really a population problem. There is a need to put much emphasis on trying to increase activity by changing the nature of society and by making it easier for people to choose the healthy option as the default option. In addition to adopting an individual approach, a population-based approach should be considered to fight unhealthy lifestyle habits leading to chronic “societal” diseases such as type 2 diabetes. The importance of socioeconomic aspects was also discussed. Finally, Dr. Wareham underlines the fact that changing lifestyle habits is a long process and it may take a while before substantial changes are observed.

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