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October 30, 2007
Meal fatty acid uptake in visceral fat in women. Diabetes 2007;56:2589-97
Votruba SB, Mattison RS, Dumesic DA, Koutsari C, Jensen MD.

Description of this Publication

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of meal fat content on the disposal of dietary fat in premenopausal women (n=21) with a wide range of body fat distribution. Meal fatty acid oxidation and uptake into intra-abdominal (visceral) and subcutaneous (abdominal and gluteo-femoral) fat were measured. The proportion of dietary fat uptake into the three adipose tissue depots was similar for both meals (normal-fat and high-fat meal), with intra-abdominal fat accounting for a small fraction (~5%) of meal fat disposal. In women who ate the normal-fat meal, the uptake of meal fatty acid into femoral fat increased depending on leg fat mass, while this relationship was the opposite for intra-abdominal fat when the normal-fat diet was consumed and for all depots when the high-fat diet was consumed. Intra-abdominal fat mass is therefore not a major determinant of meal fat disposal, and there were marked differences in patterns of efficiency of meal fatty acid uptake between fat depots and meal content.

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Key Words
Abdominal Obesity/Body Fat Distribution