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May 05, 2022
Metabolic and cardiovascular adaptations to an 8-wk lifestyle weight loss intervention in younger and older obese men. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2021;321:E325-E337
Vion J, Sramkova V, Montastier E, Marquès MA, Caspar-Bauguil S, Duparc T, Martinez LO, Bourlier V, Harant I, Larrouy D, Moussaoui N, Bonnel S, Vindis C, Dray C, Valet P, Saulnier-Blache JS, Schanstra JP, Thalamas C, Viguerie N, Moro C, Langin D

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Key Words
Age, Nutrition, Physical Activity/Exercise