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July 27, 2021Editorials
The study of atherosclerosis using tools of the 21st century: The PESA study

Valentin Fuster is an outstanding academic cardiologist who needs no introduction. The scope of his work and the contribution of his team to the management and prevention of cardiovascular disease is simply remarkable.

In a...

July 01, 2021Editorials
The discovery of insulin: our humble tribute (copy 1)

Insulin container from the University of Toronto laboratory, labeled in 1923. From the University of Toronto: The discovery and early development of...

April 22, 2021Editorials
Surviving COVID-19: Do not forget physical activity! (copy 1)

The benefits of being physically active have been known for years. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing chronic cardiometabolic “lifestyle” diseases such as type 2 diabetes as well...

March 25, 2021Editorials
Your parents were right! Eat all your veggies and have some fruits!

 By the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk

For decades, several national and international dietary guidelines emphasized consumption of vegetables and fruit as a component of a healthy diet. Many public health...

February 12, 2020Editorials
Waist circumference as a vital sign in clinical practice is being recognized in a global consensus paper published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology

Although many studies published over the last decades have consistently shown that a large waist circumference is associated with a deteriorated cardiometabolic risk profile predictive of an increased risk of...

45 result(s) found
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